The law of trusts

We all have a tendency to believe that things will remain as they are today, but in life everything changes and the protection of heritage is an element on which we must always pay maximum attention.

People change: who gets married, who separates, who divorces, who has children, who changes city, work, ….

Therefore situations change, dictated by affinity, life choices, professional aspects or contrasts.

And companies that change, in addition to undergoing changes in the market and all the risks connected to it, often have to face changes in company structures, in the people who compose them and in the situations that concern them.

If the change is in itself neutral, it can however turn into a disaster if the entrepreneur or any person who has accumulated a wealth over the years has not correctly planned all the aspects inherent to the protection of assets whether personal, family or company.

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The lawyer helps Entrepreneurs and people with personal, family or corporate assets in the protection of assets, also through the creation of trusts or assets, with advice and assistance aimed at protecting from earthquakes financial, working or family so that we can continue to enjoy our assets peacefully.

There are several tools that the common law makes available to ensure effective protection of assets, not just the trust, but the choice can not be separated from a careful analysis of the existing situation, family dynamics, business and personal and which are the most likely risks from which to protect themselves.

The choice between a trust, an asset fund, a destination restriction, the purchase of safe haven assets or insurance policies, or the decision of a fiduciary or change of company structure, must be weighted according to the risks from which you want to protect and from the assets that you decide to protect. 

To this end, the lawyer stands alongside mainly professionals, managers, entrepreneurs who believe they have to implement a better protection of heritage, thanks to:

  • ability to analyze the situation and implement the best strategy also with a view to a cost-benefit ratio
  • a dedicated team able to provide complete assistance

The actions of the lawyer contradict:

  • specific skills and experience, also in the choice of the trust or the most suitable instrument also with respect to the legal strategy to be adopted;
  • creating a transparent relationship, direct and confidential, aimed at establishing a highly fiduciary relationship;
  • certain costs and timing


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